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BACKGROUND (Continued)

The Oldsmobile 98 nameplate had been around for quite a long time and the lines of the new car would continue the familiar themes established for the vehicle -- high front wheel openings with low rear openings and "notchback" styling. No fender skirt would be included for 1977, however. Inside a new dashboard design was conceived along with all new interior trim.

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Sharing the same C-Body chassis as the big Oldsmobile were its sister cars, the Buick Electra and Park Avenue. The closely related Cadillac DeVille and Fleetwood models rode on a D-Body chassis with a slightly longer wheelbase. In addition, a line of "family" cars would share a modified version of the platform with a slightly shorter wheelbase, labeled B-Body. These were the Olds 88, Buick LeSabre, Chevrolet Caprice, and Pontiac Bonneville/Catalina.


1980 -- Year of Evolution

The late-'70s generation of full-sized Oldsmobiles received a major exterior facelift starting in the 1980 model year with the debut of the beautiful '80s Olds 98 and its sister car, the Delta 88. Similar makeovers were given to the other cars sharing the platform.

The new exterior for the 1980 Olds 98 was stunning with its formal roofline and unique rear fender skirts. This car was the picture of classiness as it floated down the highway -- there was simply no mistaking it for anything else! Three models were made -- the Ninety-Eight LS Sedan and the Ninety-Eight Regency Sedan/Coupe.


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